This is where we’ll talk about all aspects of human health (i.e. “your body”) and how our diet – and particularly ethical omnivore diet – relates to it. The approach will be positive, not defending EO against vegetarian diets etc., unless that’s specifically the topic.

Topics may include…

  • Good vs. bad meat
  • Wild vs. farmed fish.
  • Are processed meats healthy?
  • Dairy
  • Where to get good meat without paying a lot:
    • Game
    • Raising your own meat
    • Roadkill
  • Protein: how not all proteins are the same, sources.
  • Fats: their importance in diet.
  • Fatty acids: CLA etc.
  • Healthy diet for kids.
  • Healthy diet for pregnant or nursing women.
  • Seasonal food
  • Local food