Ethical Omnivores stand for a way of living that’s kind, healthy, and sustainable.

Human beings thrive best on an ancestral diet that is primarily made up of high-quality meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Food quality and mindful eating habits result in increased overall health with less physical inflammation, improved memory, and slower ageing.

Ethical Omnivores are people from all walks of life, all around the world, who support each other to find local, organic produce and meat sourced from farms and ranches where free-range animals are naturally fed and raised without cruelty, hormones, or routine antibiotics.

Due to the alarming decline of our oceans and their inhabitants we do not advocate the consumption of any seafood from unsustainable or farmed sources.

We believe that industrial farming is not only abhorrently cruel to animals on every level but is also an environmental disaster.

We also believe that there is no ethical or healthful way to consume industrial dairy due to pasteurization and the cruelty dairy cows endure… including of course its horrific by-product, crated veal.

We do however support the raw milk movement and fight for its revival as long as it meets the highest ethical standards.


Ethical Omnivore Movement’s Mission Statement

To engage individuals to change the face of an industrialized global food system for the sake of our own health, animal welfare, and the sustainability of our environment.

Our Core Values

Our mission is to support more consumers worldwide to use and to support the production of, the most ethically-produced food, drink, and other goods.

There should be no shame in the use of animal-based products – just in the cruel, wasteful, careless, irreverent methods of production.

Our shared commitment to ethics extends to all relationships in every area of our lives, especially the one with our gracious Mother Earth.

We encourage Ethical Omnivores to grow or source local, organic produce and ethically sourced meats, poultry, dairy and eggs.

We believe in helping the world’s population eat with a clean conscience. We believe that eating ethically does not mean giving up the food we love, but working as individuals and communities to source the highest-quality produce.

Our aim is to inspire individuals to live a more sustainable life by providing the information they need to make healthy and environmentally friendly choices.

Our planet earth needs every one of us to use our daily choices to make a positive difference because everything and everyone is connected.


To that end…

  • We support local, small-scale farmers who get their hands dirty by growing and harvesting produce ethically, authentically and naturally.
  • We support environmentally sustainable agriculture that increases the biodiversity of the land, favouring organic farming over industrial mono-cropping/monocultures. Increased biodiversity must be an essential outcome for a healthy ecosystem and vital for long-term productivity of the land.
  • We oppose genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides in agriculture.
  • We support ethical ranching methods where pastured animals are fed and raised according to Nature and without cruelty, hormones, or routinely-administered antibiotics. It is not only vital for human health, but also for the health of the planet that we move towards holistic land practices in all animal agriculture.
  • We believe that the intensive industrial farming methods are not only abhorrently cruel to animals and fish but are also disastrous environmentally.
  • We are committed that any meat we eat will be the highest-quality, most local, and most ethically-raised produce we can find, and we will avoid supporting the cheap, factory-farmed meat industry.
  • We believe that all poultry, whether raised for meat or eggs, should have access to pasture at all times (weather and season permitting).
  • We believe there is no ethical or healthful way to consume dairy in the current factory farm paradigm due to pasteurization, homogenization, and the cruelty dairy cows endure.
  • We, therefore, support small-scale, family-run organic dairy farms that practice extensive, more traditional methods of dairy farming.
  • We support in the raw milk movement and fight for its revival, as long as it meets our ethical standards.
  • We are opposed to crated veal, though we do support some pink or rose veal that is ethically raised on pasture/grass products.
  • We do not support fish farms and urge restraint on the over-consumption of seafood for health reasons and sustainability concerns. We support limited consumption that is wild-caught or farmed in ways that have a minimum negative impact on the environment and health.

What is the Ethical Omnivore Movement’s Position on Animal Rights Activism?

by EOM founder, Lana Joe Salant

First of all, I need to state that we in no way endorse food animal confinement operations. That has and never will change. Our mandate is pasture-raised animals from birth to death (adequate shelter, of course, available when necessary).

We maintain that all animals should be fed biologically appropriate diets, e.g. ruminants are not meant to eat grain except as an occasional treat or in some rare cases as supplemental. Chickens are omnivores, not vegetarians, as are pigs.

Our food animals deserve the best possible lives and the best, most reverent deaths we can afford them or quite frankly we don’t deserve to eat them. We EOMers also fully endorse sustenance hunting and fishing (for food)

While at the outset the ARA movement might SEEM to be in line with our views, but I can assure you.. nothing is farther from the truth. Extremist organizations like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) Direct Action Everywhere – DxE and ALF Animal Liberation would see that there were NO domesticated animals alive on the planet, even including seeing-eye dogs.

These organizations brag about their illegal activities that include: doctoring images and video, theft, trespassing, and serious property damage.

Now while images of compassionate ‘looking’ people holding vigils for tormented factory farm animals is at the outset, poignantly heart wrenching, I assure you, the animals are not the primary concern of these organizations. These are terrorist organizations with nothing but publicity, hate, crime, destruction, and MONEY on their minds.

I LOVE the Oceans and I was an Ocean conservationist long before a farm advocate and Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd Global was one of my heroes but I pulled support when he went rogue criminal. A heartbreaking moment for me I assure you.

We as a community of farmers and conscientious consumers CANNOT support the criminals of the world masquerading as activists. After all, WE ourselves are activists are we not??

We can and must unite in this fight for our food system with the mightiest tool we have, and that is our powerful food dollars. We alone will change the face of the food system with our choices to turn our backs on certain agricultural practices. Turn away from the companies raping and pillaging our planet and hijacking our right to food sovereignty.

We will NOT accomplish what we need to through criminal activity in any capacity. I ask you to stand with us today and fight for our rights to regenerative food and against the criminals of the food system… and yes sometimes that means standing with the kind of farms we are working to change. The best we can hope for our fellow industrial farmers is that they see their way to more regenerative practices.