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About the Ethical Omnivore Movement

How we support real food that’s good for us, animals, and the environment


The Ethical Omnivore Movement is a fast-growing group of people all around the world who believe that the most natural, ethical, and healthy lifestyle should include local, organic, and humanely-reared food, including grass-fed meat and dairy and other free-range animal products.

In the Why EOM section, we’re building a comprehensive library of articles that will explain the importance of making ethical choices in everything we consume.

In addition to education, we also help connect consumers who choose healthy, natural produce with the best producers worldwide. So wherever you are, we’ll help you find grass-raised meat, butter and dairy products, wild-caught fish, game, and all kinds of other ethical produce.

Our Mission

Why does the Ethical Omnivore Movement Exist?

Our mission is to support people to grow, raise, and consume more of our food and the products we use every day using sustainable or regenerative methods.

To do this, we…

  • Help consumers buy smarter by researching and sharing the latest and best information on ethical consumption;
  • Support producers with education and training on how they can make a good living growing food that doesn’t cost the earth;
  • And by helping consumers find the best produce by connecting them to producers through our directory.


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