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Stuck in the Middle: the Tough Position of the Ethical Omnivore

Hello everyone and thank you for reading (and please sharing) the first of a series of blogs about what it means to be an “Ethical Omnivore”, in our not so humble opinion. The series will be written with an introduction by myself Lana Salant the founder of The Ethical Omnivore Movement. It has been in my life and heart since 1994 when I turned my back on veganism.

The bulk of the series will be written by Allister Cucksy who is the Operations Manager of Ethical Omnivore Movement in our new and exiting phase of vertical growth. More on that later. Allister is also the founder of Cosufficient which is in its very early phase of development but will be a sister project of EOM where Eco Villages will be set up across North America. 

This small blog post is an outline of what is to come but will also segue our new expansion into making EOM the premier online hub for all things sustainable. Everything from regenerative agriculture to ocean conservation, green businesses and everything in between. Our goal is to unite Ethical Omnivores and those who support us (omnivore or not) and ethical producers world wide so that we may become one mighty voice and begin to individually and collectively make the change that is so needed for our omnivoric health, animal welfare, and a healthy planet we are all so fortunate to reside upon together. Thank you for joining us on this remarkable journey. We would not and cannot do it without you. I hope that after 5 years online you are as excited as we are to start this very important next phase.

Now Heeeeeeeeere’s Allister!

Thanks Lana, and thank you readers. I am going to be brief (now and always), and get right to the point. This blog series will cover a wide range of topics, but I will do my best to KISS (Keep It Super Simple) it. Feel free to comment, ask questions, yell at me if you disagree, and all around BE INVOLVED! This movement is as much about you, the consumer, as it is about (literally) saving the world! 


As the Jeff Healey Band said, “Clowns to the right of me, jokers to the left, and here I am, stuck in the middle again.” For ethical omnivores that is less a fun song, and more of a sad reality. While the Ethical Omnivore Movement is more than just food products, this series will be specifically about food consumption.

  1. What does it mean to be an Ethical Omnivore?
    • What are Ethics?
    • Food & Diet
    • Entertainment
    • Fibre & Clothing
    • Durable Goods
    • Consumable & Health Goods
  2. North American Population
    • Ethical consumers make up 182 million people in North America (Census Canada, 2016; Mintel, 2015; Statistics Canada-a, 2014; US Census Bureau-a, 2015)
    • In the US roughly 5% of the population are vegetarians and half of those are vegan (VRG Blog Editor, 2011), that amounts to roughly 16 million people
    • In Canada, roughly 12% of the population are vegetarian to some degree or another (Pippus, 2015), that amounts to roughly 3.8 million people
    • The Zero Consumption Movement
    • This results in roughly 162 million ethically minded omnivores in North America
  3. The two threats to the ethical omnivore movement are
    • Big agriculture encroaching on ethical producers
    • The vegan / vegetarian movement is attempting to convert ethically minded consumers
  4. These two threats will be analyzed in terms of Political, Economic, Environmental, Psychological, and Social situations over the course of this series.
  5. International viewpoint in the future


  1. Reduce consumption 
  2. Make / grow your own
  3. Support your local-to-you producers
  4. Shop at local-to-you stores
  5. Using the new EOM website you can do all of the above. We will provide advice, information, and most importantly, connections to your local-to-you producers and retailers. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting development as it unfolds!


  1. Adults in the USA (240,329,426 people 18+)
  2. Adults in Canada (26,579,045 people 18+) [in the image the number used is 24 million, not sure where that number came from, because the source link I had attached to the number led to the Census result shown here, so please forgive the error]
  3. Ethical Consumers in the USA (35%)
  4. Ethical Consumers in Canada (31%)
  5. Vegetarians in the USA (3.3% of the population, and 1/2 of these are vegans, but we have counted them separately as a way of counting the ‘experimenters’ who try and fail at veganism)
  6. Vegetarians in Canada (8%, and an added 1/2 for vegans as per the USA numbers)

CALCULATIONS [reminder of the error in my Canadian numbers]

  1. These numbers result in 267 million adults in North America.
  2. SUBTRACT the ‘Ethical Consumers’ (77.6 million)
  3. SUBTRACT the ‘Vegetarians’ (10.1 million)
  4. SUBTRACT the ‘Vegans’ (4.7 million)
  5. EQUALS the ‘Big Ag’ consumers (174.6 million) 



  1. Anne Mayer

    I am looking forward to this. Especially the super simple aspect! Thank you.

  2. Kathy

    At long last! So excited to see this get the focus and emphasis needed!!

  3. alisa daar

    also we need to keep reminding everyone, especially vegans and vegetarians, that plants are alive. there is growing scientific data on plants and plant communities- forests- data on their 17 senses, trees caring for the stumps of dead trees. plants are alive and feel attacks by bugs and react. plants and trees need respect. that’s another reason being vegan doesn’t absolve you of blame on this planet. just saying

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