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Ethical Omnivores Launch Website

Cooks up a Blend of Food, Supports clean conscience eating and local farms & ranches

TAOS, N.M. (April 6, 2015) – With the launch of the Ethical Omnivore Movement (EOM) website, people now have an online home that’s devoted to helping them eat with a clean conscience; supports local family farms and ranches; and champions ocean conservation efforts.

“The time is right to provide a resource that brings together foodies, farmers, ranchers and families from around the world to do right by our health and our planet,” said Lana Salant, founder of EOM, an all-volunteer organization. “Our website ethicalomnivore.org goes beyond ‘green cuisine,’ it changes the way we think about food. It helps people see that it’s not about giving up the food you love, but choosing ethical options that taste great.”

The EOM website introduces the global community to farmers and ranchers who hand raise and process animals, and grow and harvest produce in a manner that’s good for the planet. The site also provides:

  • A Mindful Meat Monday chef and ranch feature, including recipes;
  • the latest news on food systems and conservation; and
  • a member forum to generate conversation on a range of topics.

“Conscientious omnivores can be a global game changer,” Salant said. “Though our online presence, we hope to get people involved to make a difference.” 

Education and outreach are priorities on the website. Additionally, individuals and communities around the world are encouraged to create their own EOM affiliate group with the support of the whole, she said. The website features tools for the beginner ethical omnivore: A “How to start” page, an FAQ section and a calendar of global events.

Also, through a host of expert bloggers, ethicalomnivore.org addresses:

  • Animal Welfare
  • Health & Fitness
  • Our Planet, Our Oceans
  • Sustainability
  • Ethics

“Making the right food choices for you and your family can be daunting. So our website helps you maneuver the minefields of scientific research and anecdotal evidence,” said Salant.  “Ultimately, we to hope inspire individuals to live a more sustainable life by providing them the information they need to make healthy and environmentally friendly choices.”

On the horizon

EOM is developing comprehensive farm and ranch listings for the website. For more information on the Ethical Omnivore Movement, see ethicalomnivore.org


About the Ethical Omnivore Movement

EOM’s mission is to engage individuals to change the face of an industrialized global food system for the sake of our own health and the sustainability of our planet.

Its membership consists of people from around the world: Foodies, farmers, ranchers, chefs, restaurateurs, scientists, consumer allies & all those devoted to sustainable agriculture & oceans, the highest animal welfare practices and optimal human health.

The movement is positively passionate about local & ethical family farms and ranches that provide organic vegetables, grass-fed beef, pastured pork, lamb, rabbit, poultry & dairy. Factory-farmed animals that are systematically treated with antibiotics & hormones, and all agricultural monocultures are anathema to EOM beliefs. See ethicalomnivore.org for its Core Beliefs.

work performed by each member is done on a voluntary basis. “Our earth needs every last one of us to make a difference in our choices,” said EOM founder, Lana Salant. “The great lesson of ecology is that everything  & everyone is connected. EOM’s goal is to leave the lightest environmental footprint. EOM…Honor your body, your food, our planet.”

EOM established an online presence in April 2012. Connect with the Ethical Omnivore Movement:

MEDIA CONTACT: Linda Hughes, moc.l1524687421iamg@1524687421117se1524687421hguh.1524687421adnil1524687421 or 410-703-8352 (mobile).