COWS Will Save the Planet!

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carbon sequestering

Do you believe that? We as EOMers come under a LOT of criticism about not only our meat eating but about the meat we eat, especially when it comes to BEEF and its environmental impact. APOCALYPSE BY COW FARTS!! Haven’t you heard?  😉

If you don’t believe grass fed and finished cattle on Holistically Managed pastures (and us by ethical meat eating association) will save the Planet then you NEED to take a look at the links below.

holistic land management

Chris Kerston explains why Cows raised on Holistically Managed pastures cattle will save us!
See video here. 

One of my favorite people has a brand new ebook out that I URGE you go purchase. See our homepage for the link. Sheldon Frith has written “A Letter to a Vegetarian Nation” 

vegetarian nation

Wonderful, highly recommended book on the matter: “Cows will Save the Planet” by Judy Schwartz

Another great book: “Defending Beef” by Nicolette Haun:
Nicolette on Video
Youtube Podcast #112 Defending Beef with Nicolette Haun: Niman
Read her article. “Actually raising beef is GOOD for the planet

defending beef

I am a lover of the debunkers I must say! Check this out.
How much does animal agriculture and eating meat contribute to global warming?

Another great article… this one on soil’s role (which we will be covering extensively in a blog coming soon: ETS Lifeline: Soils Capable of Absorbing Cattle Methane

I love point/counterpoint arguments and here is one of the best circa 2012. The New York Times published an article ” The Myth of Sustainable Meat” and Sir Joel Salatin of Polyface farms rebutted brilliantly here. 

And finally…No talk about Holistic Land Management is complete without Allan Savory’s famous TED Talk 

For more info please visit the Savory Institute.


We also wrote a blog a while back about the fact that Allan Savory is a finalist in the prestigious Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Earth Challenge and we are surely keeping an eye on THAT!






  1. Great! Thanks… Two other works that changed my life in potitive ways are ‘The Vegetarian Myth’ by Lierre Keith, and ‘Restoration Agriculture: Real-World Permaculture for Farmers’ by Mark Shepard, which has been translated into Dutch by me and my colleague.

  2. Loni Eliot

    Wonderful information ! I’m so tired of these rabid Vegans who are on a crusade and won’t or can’t process any science based information that counteracts what they think they know. Thanks for the info.

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