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HONOR your BODY, your FOOD, our PLANET



EOM’s Mission Statement:

To engage individuals to change the face of an industrialized global food system for the sake of our own health & the sustainability of our planet.


Our Core Values:

Our mission is that the world joins us in our very important, highly essential quest to be ethical earthlings… There need be no shame in the use of animal based products…. just in the cruel, wasteful, careless, irreverent attainment of them. That we submit, extends to all relationships in our lives… especially the one with our gracious Mother Earth. To that end:

  • We support local farmers who get their own hands dirty by growing & harvesting produce ethically, authentically & naturally.
  • We believe in environmentally sustainable agriculture & the biodiversity of land favoring organic farming over industrial mono-cropping/monocultures. Biodiversity is absolutely essential for a healthy ecosystem & vital for long-term productivity of the land.
  • We oppose GMOs, the use of chemical pesticides & herbicides. We encourage farming practices that are ecologically sound.We support ethical ranching facilities where pastured animals are biologically appropriately fed & raised according to natural laws without cruelty, hormones & antibiotics. It is not only necessary for our optimal human health, but also necessary for the health of the planet to employ holistic land practices with ruminant agriculture. 
  • We believe that industrial farming is not only abhorrently cruel to animals on every level but is also an environmental disaster. Factory-farmed animals that are systematically treated with antibioticsa & hormones, and all agricultural monocultures, are anathema to EOM beliefs.
  • We are positively passionate about local & ethical family farms and ranches that provide organic vegetables, grass-fed beef, pastured pork, lamb, rabbit, poultry & dairy.
  • We believe that our meat consumption should be decreased; however when we do eat meat, we will enjoy quality, ethical meat over factory-farmed cheap meats.
  • We believe that the classification for birds under the current “free range” terminology means just that – access to range freely. Two separate designations are necessary:  “Cage Free” for barn-living birds that have the ability to roam within the barn & “pasture raised” for birds that have access to a pasture at all times weather & season permitting. 
  • We believe there is no ethical or healthful way to consume dairy in the current factory farm paradigm due to pasteurization, homogenization & the cruelty dairy cows endure.
  • We support small-scale, family-run organic dairy farms practicing less intensive, more traditional methods of dairy farming in an ethical fashion.
  • We support in the raw milk movement & fight for its revival, as long as it meets our ethics standards.
  • We are opposed to crated veal. We do support some “pink veal” that is raised according to pasture-based protocol.
  • We urge restraint on the consumption of seafood for health reasons & sustainability concerns. We support limited consumption that’s fished or farmed in ways that have less impact on the environment.
  • We encourage EOMers to grow or find local organic produce & ethically sourced meats, poultry, dairy & eggs.
  • We believe in helping our population eat with a clean conscience. We advocate helping people see that it’s not about giving up the food they love, but choosing ethical options that taste great.
  • We to hope inspire individuals to live a more sustainable life by providing them the information they need to make healthy & environmentally friendly choices. We hope to get people involved to make a difference. Our earth needs every last one of us to make a difference in our choices. The great lesson of ecology is that everything…and everyone is connected. EOM’s goal is to leave the lightest environmental footprint & leave a legacy of love. 


  1. Rachel M

    Thank you so much. This site is exactly what I’ve been hoping to find!

  2. Will you please provide a definition of Ethical omnivorism or ethical omnivore. All I can find is the one in Wikipedia. It doesn’t seem entirely correct. You absolutely need a definition in addition to a mission statement.

  3. This all fits very nicely with the ethics and principles of Permaculture : Earth Care, People Care, & Fair Shares.

  4. Thankyou for your awesome work, dedication & inspiration. I hope this becomes HUGELY popular.

  5. A

    I’m an animal lover and I’ve seen all of PETA’s stuff, and a few of my friends have tried to go vegan but that didn’t work out. I thought I’d need to be my own pioneer in a “new type of vegan,” but this is amazing. Exactly what I stand for. Thank you.

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