A Letter to a Vegetarian Nation by Sheldon Frith

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We are extremely proud to introduce to you, Sheldon Frith and his new e-book “A Letter to a Vegetarian Nation”  

A bit about Sheldon from his blog and you can visit him at this facebook page as well: 

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“I spent my childhood playing in the Amazon rainforest. We lived near Porto Velho, Brazil. This was literally the “front-line” of Amazon deforestation. I was lucky enough to have parents who let me play in the jungle as much as I wanted. I grew to love that jungle more than I love most people. Words cannot describe the jungle, or why someone could fall in love with an ecosystem. It has to be experienced.

I also had plenty of opportunity to see the aftermath of deforestation. The cattle ranches started only a few kilometres away. And beyond that point the Amazon no longer existed. Even as a child I could understand that clearing the jungle to make pasture was a tragedy, although none of the adults ever talked about it.

I carried those experiences with me when I came to Canada. Southern Ontario, a land of soybeans and corn, felt more desolate than anything I had ever seen in Brazil. I was unhappy in this alien environment of monoculture, dying forests, confined animals, and polluted water. But, like everyone else, I eventually grew to accept that this state of nature was normal, necessary, and unchangeable.

Many years later a co-worker gave me a book. The book was “Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual” and it changed my life. I came to realize that there was an alternative to the environmental destruction I saw around me, and it didn’t involve destroying humanity. The tremendously hopeful message of Permaculture is that humans can actually regenerate the environment, make it healthier while simultaneously providing for our own needs. I was hooked!

I started gardening, working The debate about animal agriculture will never be the same again.

Sorting out whether livestock and meat are good or bad, among the thousands of contradictory opinions, can be an overwhelming task. This book makes it easy.

“Letter To A Vegetarian Nation” is a meticulously researched and thoroughly logical analysis of why livestock are actually essential for sustainable food production and environmental restoration. No matter how much we might like to live in a world without livestock and meat eating, this book proves that it is simply not possible. The arguments in this book could not have been made convincingly in the past, but new information has come to light in recent years which changes everything. Unraveling the web of issues and arguments surrounding veganism and vegetarianism becomes much easier after reading this book.

“Sensible solutions for sequestering carbon and restoring equilibrium to our ailing ecosystems. It is well researched and presented without the usual hyperbole and drama often found in the “latest answer” to the challenges we face. Provides excellent, rational arguments refuting the prevailing dogma from the vegetarian/vegan proponents with numerous historical and current examples. Quite accessible writing style, short illustrated chapters backed up with reference links, tables and photographs… As a practicing student of permaculture, retired small holding farmer I believe with this knowledge we can recreate manageable harmony with Gaia’s ecosystems by following this pattern. Recommended for anyone working the land, growing food and concerned about the future.” – Clive Michael

About the important new book:

 vegetarian nation

-Over 120 peer reviewed references to give you confidence in the book and also to help you when you are debating others.
-Over 100 links to awesome resources on Regenerative Agriculture. These resources will be invaluable if you want to become more informed about the revolution that is currently sweeping agriculture, or if you actually want to practice Regenerative Agriculture yourself.
-A thorough glossary, which explains every uncommon term used in the book, so you don’t have to get a degree in soil science or agriculture to understand this book.

After reading this book you will have a more in-depth and clear understanding of soil science, regenerative agriculture, and livestock management than the vast majority of humanity. You will also learn to reduce your carbon footprint by buying meat!


1. Sustainable civilization requires regenerative agriculture.
2. Regenerative agriculture is possible, and is already taking over.
3. Regenerative agriculture relies completely on a healthy soil food web.
4. Livestock are necessary to maintain the health of the soil food web.
5. These livestock must be properly managed.
6. In brittle environments livestock are even more necessary.
7. Wild animals can no longer perform the functions required.
8. Technology cannot sustainably replace livestock on a large scale.
9. Vegan farming cannot sustain human civilization.
10. Livestock are essential for combating climate change.
11. Animal-centric ethics suggest that we should include livestock in agriculture.
12. We need large numbers of livestock.
13. These livestock will die.
14. Death via humans is the most humane option for these livestock.
15. Eating these livestock is the best thing to do with their bodies after death.on farms, watching videos, and reading books furiously. Eventually I heard about Allan Savory’s work with Holistic Management and regenerative livestock grazing. This was a second revolution in my life. Permaculture was awesome, but did not seem to offer many realistic options for very large scale farms and landscapes. Holistic Management on the other hand was almost exclusively being practiced on a large scale and the results were amazing. I decided that large-scale regenerative agriculture was what I should devote my life to.”

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